Regional Targeting Service

Geolocate your visitors or customers by using our regional targeting service. This enables you to offer regional and location based services to your visitors or customers.

How long do my credits last
Interested in using this service commercially?

We offer two different payment options. For example, we charge you 25 US$ for 50,000 successful location queries. This means that a single location query will cost you 0.0005 US$. The more queries you buy, the less each query costs you. We also offer an unlimited subscriber service for a low montly fee.

Click on one of the buttons of our billing partner to use this service right now.
Your personal query key will be manually activated (within 24 hours) after receipt of payment.

Purchase Credits Here


Monthly Subscription with Unlimited Amount of Location Queries (US$ 85 per Month) (fair usage applies)

** Please note **
ALL Monthly subscriptions are billed out from our sister website

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